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Precision-crafted stainless steel wire spools at MGM Industries, the leading metal fabrication shop in Burr Ridge, Illinois, specializing in high-quality monofilament wires for critical medical applications.



On Saving Lives

MGM Industries takes pride in manufacturing the world's finest wires. We recognize the pivotal role we play in saving lives, from surgical instruments to specialty devices. Everything we do is driven by the understanding that our materials contribute to lifesaving medical devices and other critical applications. At MGM Industries, quality is valued above everything else. 


At MGM Industries, we don't just work with materials; we collaborate with precision and passion to manufacture wires that set the global standard. Our dedication to superior craftsmanship and innovation positions us as industry leaders. When you choose MGM Industries, you're choosing more than a supplier; you're selecting a trusted partner committed to delivering unparalleled expertise. Join us in redefining wire manufacturing excellence – because your success is woven into every strand we create.

For more comprehensive specifications on the alloys we primarily work with, please reach out to our team of experts.

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